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Dr.Mahha Dan Sheker Raajha MBA.,
Numerologist,Namologist,Phonologist, Gemologist,Graphalogist.


Format Numerology is gifted by Lord Shiva through Dr.Mahha Dan Sheker Raajha Numerology means Date of Birth and Name should be in proper correlation For all kinds of people – any gender, any religion, any state, any country “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” by visiting Dr.Mahha Dan Sheker Raajha who gives remedy to each and every problem as above mentioned in the name of format numerology. Format numerology means changing name according to his or her date of birth                                Read More....

Father of format numerologists Dr. Mahha Dan Sheker Raajha has also written such a nice books
Books are available any where in the world, you may order the books for bulk or single   books price vary out side India for more details call us or mail  to us  at

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